founder Sherri

Founder & President of SERVE, Inc.

With a fervent passion for ministry and a wealth of professional experience, Sherri Baierl embodies dedication and creativity in serving her community. Since March 2018, Sherri has co-founded and actively contributed to citySERVE, a transformative initiative aimed at enriching the lives of individuals through service and compassion.

Sherri’s commitment to ministry extends beyond SERVE. From participating in Women’s Baptisms at BC Jail Ministry to spearheading the Inmate Christmas gift drive since 2013, she has consistently demonstrated her dedication to uplifting those in need. Additionally, her involvement as a co-leader and mentor at Alpha for several years underscores her commitment to nurturing spiritual growth and community engagement.

In the realm of professional experience, Sherri’s journey has been marked by a diverse array of roles that blend leadership, teaching, and creative expertise. Her tenure in ministry includes being an Executive Director, Leadership Director, and Marketing Coordinator which showcased her prowess in curriculum development, mentoring, and graphic design. She has managed a comprehensive leadership and training program while overseeing marketing initiatives across various platforms.

Sherri’s career path led her through roles such as Art Director at Cineviz and Environmental Designer. Her experience in these capacities equipped her with invaluable skills in project management, design coordination, and mentorship.

Sherri’s impact transcends the professional sphere. Her involvement in community initiatives like a Human Trafficking awareness gala and fundraising projects for charitable causes reflects her unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Sherri’s academic pursuits further augment her expertise, with ongoing studies towards an MS in Christian Theology, MA in Management and Organizational Behavior, and dual BA in Youth Ministry/Christian Education and Arts Management/Nonprofit Management with a concentration in Graphic Design.

Beyond her impressive professional achievements, Sherri’s personal attributes shine through. She is described as a self-starter, organized, and strategic thinker, embodying qualities that enhance her effectiveness in ministry and professional endeavors alike.

In her pursuit of excellence, Sherri remains committed to continuous growth and service. Her LinkedIn profile provides further insight into her accomplishments and aspirations, reflecting her dedication to transparency and professional networking.

As Sherri Baierl seeks opportunities to further contribute to meaningful ministry endeavors, her multifaceted skill set and unwavering passion make her an invaluable asset to any team or organization.

Connect with Sherri:
Email: sbaierl@gmail.com | Phone: 920-639-1918 | LinkedIn: Sherri Baierl | Website: sherribaierl.com | Facebook: sherribaierl