A heart for serving
makes all the difference.

Welcome to SERVE >

What is SERVE Network?

SERVE Network is all about connecting those who serve the region as Christian Leaders with the expectation that once we connect we will empower the Kingdom work. Those who Serve>Connect>Grow is the only purpose. To elevate experts in the region, to share knowledge and in-turn solve the regions pressing issues and address spaces where there is a lack of capacity.

SERVE> Network Announcements

As a method of connecting the community, once per month SERVE sends a communication email with regional updates and special announcements.

We ask for your announcements and then we share what comes in along with other news that keeps the leaders in the region up to date with what is happening in the community.

SERVE> Network Gathering

Every six months there is a special event that is open to the region with a lunch and a few presentations.

Normally, the format includes several short presentations and lots of time to network over lunch. The hope is that each time you attend you meet the three presenting groups and as many people as possible when you are there.

Your generous support makes this possible.

What our leaders are saying:

“What a wonderful meeting yesterday for SERVE. …It absolutely moves me to tears when I see the Holy Spirit moving throughout that room. Thank you…” – Jenny

“Just want to encourage you this day to continue the course! What a beautiful picture of The Church united in Green Bay. Definitely praying … it brings tears of joy to my eyes and makes my soul sing witnessing these events!!!” – Kim